In Kiev called the conditions for the participation of Russia in “Eurovision”

In Kiev called the conditions for the participation of Russia in “Eurovision”

KYIV, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko has again said he believes the only chance for Russia to take part in the international song contest “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev to direct the contestant, “which did not violate the Ukrainian legislation”.

Earlier, the head of the European broadcasting Union (EMI) Ingrid Deltenre said in an interview with Blick that if the decision on participation of Russia in “Eurovision” will not be reached in the coming weeks, Ukraine may impose sanctions. In particular, the Kyiv could be suspended from participation in the contest. Later, the press service of the EBU denied media reports that the organizers consider the possibility of imposing sanctions against Ukraine.

“Some in the European broadcasting Union started to even talk about sanctions then after Eurovision (for Ukraine), they say, we do not ensure the presence of the Russian party. I can once again repeat that Russia can take part in the Eurovision song contest-2017 in Kiev, but if such a participant who did not violate the Ukrainian legislation,” — said Kirilenko in the air of “Ukrainian radio”.

He noted that if Russia will come with another participant for the contest, he will ensure the safety, normal reception and stay.

This year Russia at the Eurovision song contest must submit Yulia Samoilova with a song about love the Flame Is Burning. SBU has banned the singer from entering Ukraine for three years due to her performances in the Crimea.

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