Go white snow: five poems by Yevtushenko about life, death and love

Go white snow: five poems by Yevtushenko about life, death and love

The editors of TASS recalls the poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, which everyone knows.


1 April in a clinic in Tulsa (Oklahoma), died the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. In the hospital, despite his serious condition, he continued to work on the final chapters of his latest book. According to a close friend of the poet, the honorary Consul of Belarus in America, the head of the Fund “Spiritual diplomacy” Mikhail Morgulis, “the novel, though not autobiographical, but it interspersed with many personal memories Yevtushenko, experiences, emotions, documentary events in the life of”. TASS recalls the most famous poem of the poet, which everyone has heard of.

* * *

Go white snow,
like slipping on a string…
To live and live to the world,
but probably not.

Someone’s soul completely,
dissolving away,
like white snow,
go into the sky from the ground.

Go white snegi…
And I will go too.
Don’t worry about death
and immortality are not waiting.

I don’t believe in miracles,
I’m not a snow, not a star
and I won’t
never, never.

And I think sinful
well, who was I,
I’ve hasty,
more than life loved?

And I loved Russia
all the blood, ridge —
its rivers in flood
and when beneath the ice

her spirit pyatistenok,
the spirit of its pine forests,
her Pushkin, Stenka
and its elderly.

If it was bad enough
I’m not very grieved.
I may have lived tumble
I lived in Russia.

I toil and hope,
(full of secret alarm)
that at least a small bit
I helped Russia.

She will forget,
about me without difficulty,
just let it be,
forever, forever.

Go white snow,
as at all times,
as in Pushkin, Stenka
and after me,

Go big snow,
until a better,
and my and others’
burying the truth.

To be immortal is not in force,
but my hope is:
if will Russia,
so, and I will.


* * *

Worthy, important worthy
any meet times
when the era of the stagnant,
something troubled her.

Worthy, important worthy
that distributors of largesse
didn’t make you stall
and hay gagged mouth.

Fear of time — the fall
the cowardice of the soul don’t spend it,
but prepare yourself for the loss
all that is terrible to lose.

And if broke,
as it is impossible to predetermine,
tell yourself a little:
“And it is necessary to survive…”.


* * *

And snowing, and snowing,
And all around, waiting for something…
Under the snow, under the quiet snow
I want to say at all:
“My most important person,
Look with me in this snow is
He’s as pure as it is, silent,
What I want to say”.
Who me my love brought?
Probably a good Santa Claus.
When the window you are looking
I thank the snow.
And snowing, and snowing,
And everything shimmers and floats.
Because you in my life
Thank you, snow, you.


* * *
B. Akhmadulina

With me here is what happens:
to me my old friend does not walk,
and go in small vanity
a variety of not the same.
And he
not with those walking somewhere
and also understands this,
and our contention is inexplicable
and both suffer with it.
With me here is what happens:
not the one comes to me,
my hands on the shoulders puts
me and the other steals.
And the
tell me, for God’s sake,
who shoulders arms to put?
have I stolen
in retaliation, too, will steal.
Not immediately the same answer,
and will live with him in the fight
unconsciously outline
someone far myself.
About how many nerve
and the sick,
unnecessary links,
friendship is unnecessary!
In my Satanist!
Oh, somebody
and disunity
loved the shower!


* * *

We are talking in the Packed trams,
We shakes a drudgery,
We subway and then swallowed,
Releasing of the smoky mouth.
In noisy streets, fluttering white
People, we go near people,
Mixed our breath,
We reversed our tracks,
We reversed our tracks.
Pockets we pull smokes,
Popular songs Moo,
Touching each other’s elbows,
Apologize or keep quiet.
In the streets of the city
Each such separate ways,
We do not know each other,
Touching each other going,
Touching each other going.