Austrian airlines announced the closure of “the shortest flight”

Austrian airlines announced the closure of “the shortest flight”

VIENNA, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Austrian airlines People’s Viennaline took off running at the end of October last year, the airline “Swiss St. Gallen-Alteran German Friedrichshafen to Cologne/Bonn”, which includes the shortest flight in the world, which is eight minutes.

As the message on the website of the company, the decision to cancel the flights from the 14th of April due to low demand on this flight, despite the great efforts of marketers. So, in March, “the shortest journey” made 2,300 people.

According to the company owner Markus Kopf, “despite a clear trend towards development, we do not believe that can achieve the projected number of passengers”.

In turn, the General Director of the People’s Air Group Daniel Steffen explained that the company was trying to develop business tourism in Friedrichshafen and the lake Constance region.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work due to restrained development and the rather high price of this perelegans Staffingmedical People’s Air Group

Passengers already acquired tickets for this flight, the money will be refunded in accordance with the passenger rules of the European Union, promised the company.