Ugra proposes to develop the traditional sports of indigenous peoples of the North



The initiative to establish a permanent Advisory Board on traditional sports of indigenous peoples of the North was made by the head of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district (Yugra) Natalia Komarova of the North.

At the meeting of governors — members of the nonprofit organization and the forum in Arkhangelsk, Komarov said that in June, Ugra will host a meeting of regional coordinators of the Northern forum.

“This period coincides with the holding of international competitions in rowing oblakah — traditional Siberian boats. These competitions are devoted to the ancient Ugra worship the water spirit. We can go further in the development of national sports and to conclude a Memorandum between the world society etnosporta and the organization of the Northern forum”, — said Komarova.

She noted that the national sports are the Foundation of the culture and identity of indigenous peoples.

“We must do everything for the development of national sports, including through interaction with the UN”, she concluded, addressing the participants of the Northern forum.