The truck with vodka collided with the locomotive in Moscow

In the South-East of Moscow near the train platform Pererva truck collided with a locomotive. This was reported on the website of the Moscow railway (MZHD).

The accident occurred on Friday, March 31, at about 01:30 GMT. The driver of the truck trailer began to cross paths in the place. “At this point the place was close shunter. The driver, noticing the wagon, applied the emergency brake, but the distance was insufficient for complete stop of the locomotive. As a result of the collision the truck overturned, the contents of the cargo of the trailer was on the railroad tracks,” the report says MOR.

As a result of road accident nobody suffered. The railway track was quickly cleared of debris, the incident did not affect the schedule of trains.

As informs TV channel REN TV, the truck was loaded with crates of vodka.

In October 2015, in the Saratov region overturned truck carrying boxes of vodka. The truck overturned and caught fire, but the majority of the bottles remained intact, and immediately began to dismantle the villagers Small Perekopnoe.

In September of the same year in the Tver region overturned truck carrying boxes of vodka. The driver of the truck lost control, causing the vehicle overturned, and a box of alcohol has fallen by the wayside. The witnesses began to take away the boxes that fell out of the truck before the police arrived. Some tried to sell found bottles at a price of 25 rubles apiece.