The Ministry wants to carry out test purchases


RIA NOVOSTI/Alexey kudenko

The Ministry wants the authority to carry out “road checks” pharmacies and medical institutions, as well as test purchases. This is stated in the report of Roszdravnadzor, which acquainted “Izvestia”. The representatives of pharmacy business supported the initiative and the League of protection of patients ‘ rights stated that these measures are not enough to address the issue of counterfeit medicines.

In the report of the health Ministry on the implementation of state control in the sphere of health protection of citizens and about the effectiveness of such control in 2016, said that granting the Agency new powers will allow us to identify substandard, unregistered and adulterated drugs in the retail trade, as well as to establish violations of health care organizations, the rules of providing paid medical services.

“The main advantage of the “road checks” for the state is to prevent the implementation of legal entities of offenses and the determination of the causes that determine them”, — noted in the report.

In Roszdravnadzore said that he had sent proposals to the Ministry of health.

— Now the document is on consideration in the Ministry. We expect the final version edits — told in Roszdravnadzor.

The health Ministry confirmed that the report of the healthcare they received. From detailed comments in the Ministry have refrained.

The health Ministry said that so far can only be carried out scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Schedule the first available pharmacies and medical institutions on the website of Roszdravnadzor. Unplanned and can be tracked on the website of the General Prosecutor’s office.

We are unable to conduct an unscheduled inspection without obtaining permission from the Prosecutor General. First we send them a notification, — said the representative of Roszdravnadzor.

The Agency was unable to clarify how it can be carried out “test purchases” of medical services. Now the right to have their insurance companies. Director General of medical insurance company “RESO-Med” Yury Dyomin said that the inspectors are not experiencing the services for yourself, but only control the outcome of treatment in selective cases.

Mostly we analyse the accounts. If you find a discrepancy, check the medical history. Insurance companies check medical institutions for completeness, quality and necessity of services. Check that patients were sent to the right doctors, prescribe the correct medications, treatments, — said Yuri Demin.

In the report of the health Ministry also stated that “the diversion of material and labor costs controlled organizations to conduct this type of control is minimized”.

The Ministry of health are unable to respond promptly to the questions of “Izvestia”.

The head of the League for the rights of patients Alexander Saversky believes that the initiative is ineffective, and notes that such measures will not be enough.

— The mother now does not fulfill even those complaints that come to them: they do not have enough power, somewhere experts. The first will be to establish a process of responding to specific complaints, — Alexander Saversky.

He also said that now the sudden inspection of pharmacies is carried out by insurance companies.

— Despite the fact that they conduct raids in the millions, the result is almost zero, if not negative. Do not rely on their inspections because they have benefited from their outcome. In this matter the mother at least will be an independent body, — said Alexander Saversky.

The head of the Pharmacy Guild Elena Nevolina noted that the granting of Roszdravnadzor new powers will be the most productive solution, “to clean retail pharmacy market from unscrupulous pseudo-pharmacists”.

— For those who come in the retail pharmaceutical market solely to make a profit, the surprise will be most productive. Because now, when the day warned, of course, they manage to take your defective product. We said earlier that the inspections must be sudden in nature, without the possibility for inspections to prepare, — said Elena Nevolina.

She noted that “such inspections are not afraid of respectable participants of the pharmaceutical market, because they are “always ready”. Elena Nevolina added that in the Guild ready to join the Roszdravnadzor inspections and to report observed violations, for example, when a prescription drug is sold without prescription.

According to the report of the Ministry, last year Roszdravnadzor has revealed 50,9 thousand different violations, which is almost 1.5 times more than in 2015.