The explosion in Northwest Pakistan killed five people

The explosion in the Pakistani city Parachinar located in the North-West of the country, killing five people. About it reports Reuters.

About 40 people were injured.

21 February it was reported that in the Pakistani district of Charsadda three suicide bombers attacked the courthouse. According to the head of the local police Department of Ajasa Khan, all the attackers were armed with grenades and automatic weapons. One of the terrorists blew himself up at the entrance to the building, the other two were shot dead by police before they could get inside.

A month earlier in the city market Parachinar the explosion occurred, the victims of the attack were 20 local residents. None of the terrorist groups operating in the region, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Parachinar administrative center agencies (region) to hens, bordering Afghanistan. Located in the so-called tribal areas, which is largely controlled by militants movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia).