The bill on “garage Amnesty” will make to the end of the year


NEWS/Michael Tereshchenko

In the Federation Council a draft law on “garage Amnesty”, which will allow for a presentation of multiple documents to arrange for a place in GSK. As have informed “news” the Senator from the Republic of Komi Dmitry Shatohin, the document will be submitted in 2017.

For several decades, hundreds of thousands of garages across Russia, there are in an indeterminate status. People got them in garage-building cooperatives in the Soviet times, however, formally these garages are not owned by them. In the early 1990s, when mass-privatized apartments, the issue of ownership of the garages was in second plan. As a result, many Russians have lost them, and the rest of it can threaten at any time.

Only one in the Republic of Komi, according to the regional Department of Rosreestr, out of 116 thousand of garages in the property is only 9.6 thousand

According to Dmitry Shatokhina, regions faced with the problem of garage cooperatives, when they began to take inventory of real estate. On the one hand, certain documents of title to these garages are available. Usually paper, issued by the Chairman of the local Council in the 1960-1970-ies of the last century. But it is precisely as an object of ownership, this garage is not registered anywhere.

— This garage strange status, — said the Senator “news”. — Simple question: on what basis they are connected to the power grid? For this to be a contract with the owner. For this reason, there is no guarantee and safety of garages: if you wish, local authorities can carry them at any time. In addition, the garage may, for example, to burn, and without a registered right of ownership of it cannot be insured.

The problem of lack of ownership of the garages there is a downside — if the rightful owner is not, then local authorities do not whom to ask for the condition of the building and the surrounding area. For example, for uncleared snow. In addition, the budget does not receive income in the form of property taxes.

The draft law envisages amendments to the Federal law № 218 “On state registration of real estate”, which came into force on 1 January 2017. The document introduces article 49.1 “Peculiarities of state registration of ownership rights to residential premises consisting of a building of garage-building cooperative”. It lists the papers that you need to provide to register the garage as an object of ownership. Documents confirming membership in GSK and the payment of the contribution, technical documentation on non-residential premises. And also the document granting to the cooperative a land plot issued by the organ of state power or local self-government.

By estimates of Dmitry Shatokhina, the total cost to legalize a garage will be 15-20 thousand rubles. For veterans of this procedure, on a plan of legislators, should be free.

The question of the need garage Amnesty in recent decades was raised repeatedly. Some regions are trying to solve the problem yourself. For example, in the Ulyanovsk region, an Amnesty was announced last year. But there we are talking about ownership of the land under garages.

— When we give the right to the land we do not give the right to the object itself. And then people still have to go to court and prove ownership of the garage — said the Senator.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Dmitry Azarov supported the idea but stressed that under the “garage Amnesty” should not get illegally erected in the yards of my shell.

— There is no doubt that this issue requires consideration and decision, — said Dmitry Azarov “news”. But it is crucial that they were talking about the cooperatives, where not regulated the right of ownership. To solve this problem, we shouldn’t create another: we cannot allow our yards filled with illegal garages, affecting the appearance of cities.

The Chairman of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev told “Izvestia” that the problem is long overdue: in his opinion, it is time to legalize the garage in GSK “and stop this nightmare.”

— We regularly receive complaints that a particular area of demolished garage complexes, — said the activist. They take up much space, and, of course, it is better to build up these areas with houses. I was about five years trying to buy the garage in Moscow and have never seen one where the owner of the garage can be quiet for safety of the property. Many times I was assured that in one way or another GSK all right, and then the local authorities there were demolished.

Honored lawyer of Russia, former Moscow city court judge and a member of the HRC Sergey Pashin in conversation from earlier with “Izvestiya” noted that the bill “garage Amnesty” is necessary, but officials are not interested in it.

— Local authorities are not very encouraging privatization, — said Sergei Pashin. — They always have the trump card: “you were not here, you have no right”. Officials interested in keeping people on a leash.

The lawyer recalled that in Soviet times, the man did not recognize the right of ownership of the property, including garages. GSK and its members were not owners. Legal rights gave not the purchase of the garage, and the entry into the cooperative — that is, the right of ownership is actually substituted by the membership in a socialist organization.