Russian activists gave Le Pen a portrait of her surrounded by Putin and trump



Members of Russian art group “the White rose” was given to the leader of the party “national front” candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, the triptych with its portrait and images of the Russian and us leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. About this on his page in Facebook said the activist, Maria Katasonova.

“Marin was very impressed by the work of our art group — she wrote on Thursday, March 30. — She thanked us for our support for the women’s movement and presented the picture”.

Katasonova noted that the triptych with portraits of Putin, trump and Le Pen was written a year ago — before it became known about a victory of the Republican on elections of the President of the United States. Russian activist in an interview with marine Le Pen expressed the hope that the picture will be “prophetic” after the leader of the National front will win the elections in France.

March 24, marine Le Pen received in the Kremlin the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of state stressed that Moscow is trying to maintain a relationship “with the representatives of the authorities and with representatives of the opposition”.

In the beginning of the month it was reported that Katasonova proposed the creation of a movement “women of Marin” in support of Le Pen.

Presidential elections in France will take place on 23 April and 7 may. In addition to the leader “National front”, the main candidates for the main state post of the country are Emmanuel macron, represents created the movement “Forward!”, and Francois Fillon of the party “the Republicans”.