Putin: protest actions led to the coup in Ukraine and “Arab spring”


RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin compared the unauthorized protests of the “Arab spring.” The words of the President of Russia, RIA Novosti reported.

“We know well, and I do want to note that this tool (an unauthorized protest —approx. The Rambler/news) was used at the beginning of the so-called “Arab spring.” What this has led to some bloody developments in the region caused it, we know very well” — said Putin.

His statement the Russian President made at the Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk. Putin also added that similar actions have brought Ukraine to the coup. According to the Russian President, a change of government “plunged into the chaos of our neighbor (Ukraine – approx. The Rambler/news)”. Putin called the problem of corruption in Russia is “a serious issue” and called for “consistent struggle with it.” However, the rally on March 26 in Russia called “politicized.”

26 March in many cities of Russia have passed protest actions, the main theme of which was the fight against corruption.

Arab spring – a series of massive popular demonstrations held in the Arab world in early 2011. As a result of the demonstrations a coup occurred in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. The protest provoked a civil war in Libya and Syria. Mass protests also took place in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Djibouti and Western Sahara.

In February 2014 in Ukraine after months of protests was a coup. Viktor Yanukovych, who was at that time President, was forced to flee the country. In Ukraine he is accused of treason. The reason for the protests was the refusal of the former head of state to sign the Association agreement with the European Union.