Poroshenko said that he hopes for a “Marshall plan” for Ukraine

Poroshenko said that he hopes for a “Marshall plan” for Ukraine

MOSCOW, 31 Mar — RIA Novosti. The President of Ukraine is waiting for Europe will represent the country in the long-term plan of care. About this Poroshenko wrote in Facebook.

“Look forward to further steps of European partners in the creation of the “Marshall plan” for Ukraine”, — said Poroshenko. According to him, he is ready to discuss the project during the following meetings with leaders of the countries-EU members. Poroshenko also thanked the Lithuanian partners for the initiative to create such a plan.

The European people’s party, the centre — right European political Union. EPP is one of the largest parties in Europe, which is represented in all EU institutions.

Resolution on the development of a plan for long-term assistance to Ukraine approved in the Congress of the European people’s party in Malta, which was held March 29-30 2017. The Marshall plan — the economic plan of US aid to Europe after world war II, named after Secretary of state George Marshall.