Petro Poroshenko has declared income

Petro Poroshenko has declared income

Moscow. April 1. INTERFAX.RU President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has submitted the electronic Declaration for 2016, which showed his salary — 342 366 thousand UAH (more than $13.5 million), according to data of the Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform functions of the state or local government.

In addition, the income Poroshenko from the alienation of securities and corporate rights amounted to more than 26 thousand UAH (about $1 thousand) and interest from deposits in the International investment Bank (IIB) was more than 11.9 million UAH (more than $440 thousand).

Declared President cash: $60 million and 900 thousand UAH.

The income of the spouse of the Marina amounted to 75 thousand UAH.

More than $1 million was made in 2016 by the President on the account at the Rothschild Bank (Switzerland) and international investment Bank (IIB) is 393 pounds.

In the accounts in IIB P. Poroshenko $25.9 million, EUR 9.9 thousand, 80,8 thousand UAH.