Peskov told about the similarity of Putin and trump

Continued: In the Kremlin explained the attitude of Americans toward Russia long propaganda

The presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump are similar in the fundamental approach to international relations. This is the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov said in the program “Good morning America” on ABC.

He, in particular, noted that both leaders believe the protection of national interests is one of its main priorities. “One defends the national interests of the United States, and the second — the national interests of the Russian Federation. And they understand very well that sometimes in the national interest it is better to maintain a good working relationship with a colleague, ensuring the mutual benefits of these relationships and ensuring a genuine willingness to take into consideration the concerns from both sides,” explained Sands.

He also said that he considers the possible establishment of bilateral ties. “If the two presidents will meet, exchange their points of view and decide what they want to resume dialogue, there will be a chance to improve relations”, — said Peskov.

However, he opined that the administration trump takes time to develop a more precise formulations of his views on Russia, but Moscow has enough patience to wait for it. “We are patient enough and wait until we know the exact meaning of the approaches of the current administration. In our opinion, the administration still needs time to be more precise in the wording of their ideas about Russia”, — said the press Secretary of the President, adding that Moscow “is ready to show the same activity, which was willing to show us the way.”

On 30 March at the International Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk, Vladimir Putin said that he considered Finland a good place to conduct his meeting with his us counterpart Donald trump. “Helsinki is a very suitable platform for the organization of such events”, — said the Russian leader on the question of the possibilities of his meeting with trump on the sidelines of the Arctic Council in Finland.

In February, Putin called Slovenia a good place for a meeting with the White house.

March 12, Dmitry Peskov said that the leaders of Russia and the United States can first meet at the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg.