On the shore of the Svir in the Leningrad region will restore the house of Peter I

On the shore of the Svir in the Leningrad region will restore the house of Peter I

The regional authorities intend to attract tourists in Lodeynoye pole its historical past.

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko proposed to recreate the house of Peter I on the Motherland of the Russian Navy in the city of Lodeynoye pole. On this day, March 31, IA REGNUM reported in the press service of the regional government.

The “Lodeynoye pole — the birthplace of the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet. Therefore, it would be right if next to the memorial sign installed on the shore of the Svir, it will be recreated house of Peter I, who founded here the Olonets shipyard,” — said Alexander Drozdenko.

According to the Governor, in the case of the implementation in this project, lodeynopolsky district will increase its tourist appeal and will receive new opportunities for small business development

Currently, in the administration of lodeynopolsky district has developed a conceptual design of restoration of historical buildings, which once finalized will be submitted to the regional government.

The history of the town of Lodeynoye pole has been laid here by Peter the great shipyard. The construction of the shipyard of the Baltic fleet began in 1702 with the Pole of the pier in the village of Matrixwise. The shipyard has received the name of Olonets, as belonged to the Olonets district. The Grand opening of the shipyard took place on March 24, 1703, the same day was laid the nine stocks.

In just 130 years for the existence of Olonetskaya shipyard was built about 450 vessels. Construction proceeded at an accelerated pace, since at that time Russia was at war with Sweden. All the ships that were built at the Olonetsky shipyard, distinguished in the major sea battles of the Northern war and voyages.

The village of Marispica gradually grew and in 1785, on the orders of Catherine II, became the town of Lodeynoye pole. Unfortunately, in 1820, the shipyard was closed, while gaining the power of the shipyard in St. Petersburg and the need for the Olonets shipyard has disappeared.