Memory for faces was associated with levels of self-esteem

Memory for faces was associated with levels of self-esteem

Scientists from Obertasove University found that women who are in relationships, well remember how other women look. But they and single women with low self-esteem is characterized by other women more attractive than the really are. The details of the survey can be found in the journal Cognition.

During the experiment, women who are in a romantic relationship, performed the test which tested their memory for faces. Within three seconds, the women looked at previously shown them photographs of individuals and then reported their opinion, if they had seen them before. Using computer graphics, scientists have altered some individuals, making them more or less attractive.

Considering the altered faces, participants with low self-esteem often “learned” more attractive versions of female faces and less attractive male. in addition, women who are in relationships and consider themselves attractive are more likely to remember the faces of men more attractive than they were in reality.

“We wanted to test whether self-evaluation how do you evaluate the faces of other people,” said first author Christopher Watkins. “The results show that this factor affects the perception of attractiveness of faces of strangers after a brief meeting with them,” he said.