Kiev refused to make concessions Samoilova

Kiev refused to make concessions Samoilova

BRUSSELS, 31 Mar — news, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. Ukraine will make concessions to the Russian contestant of Eurovision-2017 Julia Samoilova, whom the SBU banned entry to the country, said the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Pavlo Klimkin.

“No concessions, formal or informal, are not discussed. We’re talking about the implementation of the law. If the law is broken, we can’t talk about any steps”, — said Klimkin, answering the question of the journalist, whether to allow Samoilova to participate in “Eurovision” because of a possible boycott of the competition in other countries.

He noted that “one law for all”.

We are committed to the principle of the rule of law, and only the implementation of the law will enable us to continue the work. I mentioned this in my first comments and I think that we continue festiaval Climbinglife Ukrainian foreign Ministry

Earlier, the head of the European broadcasting Union (EBU) Ingrid Deltenre officially informed the Ukrainian authorities that some countries may refuse to participate in the competition because of the decision of the SBU.

In this Delestre noted that the ban “adversely affect the international reputation of Ukraine”, and did not exclude that in the future Kiev will be suspended from Union activities.

Samoylova this year was supposed to represent Russia on “Eurovision” with a song about love the Flame Is Burning, however, the SBU forbade her from entering Ukraine for three years because of the performances in the Crimea.

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