In the Kremlin commented on the issue of hijab in schools

In the Kremlin commented on the issue of hijab in schools

MOSCOW, 31 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Kremlin has no unified position on the issue of wearing headscarves in Russian schools, you need to understand to solve this issue at the Federal level or leave it to the regions, said on Friday the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“It is rather a question of regulatory mechanisms, it is necessary to understand whether it is possible to solve at the Federal level, or is there some fraction of the competence of the regional authorities in the definition of the practice. But a unified position of the Kremlin in this case is not” — said Peskov told reporters.

Peskov said that he did not think that it is possible to Express the position of the Kremlin.

I would not Express any position, the problem of hijab in schools actively debated in many countries. To talk about some standard approach, unfortunately, is not necessary. In different countries different these themes reguliruyutsya.semny Pescovitz Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

“Of course, Russia is a multinational and multi-confessional country, and the President has repeatedly said that Russia’s strength in our multi-confessional, multinational. But at the same time, Russia is a secular state is enshrined in our Constitution,” — said Peskov.

Earlier, the Chechen Parliament introduced an additional article to the draft law on education of the Republic, giving pupils the right to wear clothes or symbols, in accordance with their traditions and religion. Thus in a press-service of the regional legislature said that this article is not contrary to article 38 of the Federal law “On education in RF”.

Against the wearing of the hijab at school appears, in particular, the head of the Ministry of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva. A ban on the wearing in schools of religious clothing and headwear, including hijabs, previously upheld by the Supreme court of Russia.