In the apartment of the former Director of the Institute carried out a search

In the apartment of the former Director of the Institute carried out a search

Moscow. March 31. INTERFAX.RU — law Enforcement agencies raided the former Director of the Institute of scientific information on social Sciences Russian Academy of Sciences (INION) RAS, academician Yuri Pivovarov in the case of fraud.

“The criminal case told me investigators, today, my apartment came with a search warrant. I seized a foreign passport, and also took handwriting samples,” said Brewers “Interfax” on Friday.

Also, he added, the searches were conducted in other locations.

“I overheard my assistant, Professor Paraline took off work and drove me home, and this lady is no relation to financial matters has not, she only engaged in science all my life,” — said the Pivovarov.

According to him, criminal case was opened under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud).

“While I am in the status of the suspect. In the paper I received from the investigator, written about the damage of 1 million 38 thousand rubles for 10 years. While that does not say that I took them myself,” — said the scientist.

According to Pivovarov, “it (his criminal prosecution — if) — Kafka absolute” and “complete arbitrariness and violation of the presumption of innocence.”

At first I was kept for two years as responsible for the fire (INION — if). Then when it became clear that I was not responsible, began to look for something else. This is an absolute political persecution. For that, I don’t know — I don’t Bulk, not the Germans, but a humble researcher and lecturer, was neither a politician nor a public beatlemore Pivovarovskiy Director of INION RAS

Academician Pivovarov led the Institute for 17 years. 30 January 2015 at the Institute was a strong fire, which was extinguished more than a day. As a result of fire and water affected thousands of books were destroyed part of the building.

30 April in the framework of the case as regards 1 article 293 of the criminal code (negligence) on the fire Pivovarov, at that time already departed from the post of Director of the Institute and holds the position of scientific Director of the Institute, was charged. The case is being investigated by the investigative bodies of the main investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow.

Brewers himself denies any wrongdoing, stressing that in conditions of insufficient financing could not provide the fire safety of buildings.