In Makhachkala traders with the burnt market blocked the Avenue

Merchants flea market in Makhachkala, where on 31 March there was a big fire, blocked the Avenue Gamidov and staged a rally in the Central square of the city. On Saturday, April 1, reports the edition “Caucasian knot”.

The protest actions was preceded by the meeting of businessmen with the management of the market and representatives of the administration of Makhachkala. “Authorities promised the people in the near future to build a new market and to suspend the registration of traders in the tax office — IP vendors will temporarily close to them, taxes are not charged,” — said in the message.

However, as the newspaper notes, the entrepreneurs expressed their distrust of the authorities and demanded the documented guarantees. Part of the fire victims went to rally on the Central square of Makhachkala. Assessment of the protesters, about 700 of them blocked the Avenue Gamidov, and the action was attended by over two thousand people.

The fire on the Russian clothing market, located in the street irchi Cossack, occurred on the morning of 31 March; its area was about 1,200 square meters. Extinguishing attracted 65 people and 17 units of equipment. Because the market was a sanitary day, the people there almost was not in the fire no one was hurt.