In Congress submitted a bill on sanctions against Russia over “aggressive actions”

Representative in Congress from the state of West Virginia, Republican Alexander Mooney (Mooney Alexander) proposed to impose new sanctions against Russia. A draft law has been submitted to Congress, the text published on the website of the American legislature.

Muni believes that the restrictive measures should be introduced for the “cyber intrusion and other aggressive activity.” The Congressman, in particular, proposed to apply limits to those whom Washington suspects of virtual attacks, but also against those under suspicion in doing business with the intelligence or the Russian defense industry.

In addition, Mooney insists on the creation of one of the divisions of the American Finance Ministry special Department in Russia.

On March 25, the United States imposed sanctions against eight Russian organizations because of the violation of American law on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction regarding Syria, Iran and North Korea.

In late March, the Senate intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress began an investigation attributed to Russia’s interference in the presidential election of 2016 in the United States. The head of the Committee Richard Barr said that the conduct of the proceedings assigned seven professional staff of the Committee with the necessary tolerances to work with secret information. March 30 held its first public hearing and was represented by the first oral report.