Dmitry Medvedev submitted the Declaration on incomes for the year 2016

Dmitry Medvedev submitted the Declaration on incomes for the year 2016

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in accordance with the law filed an income tax return for the year 2016, reported the press-Secretary of Prime Minister Natalya Timakova.

According to the law, senior civil servants must annually before April 1 to submit declarations of their income, and the income of wives/husbands and minor children. These data shall be published after being checked, about two weeks after the expiration of the filing period.

In 2015, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev was declared one of the most modest incomes to the government (approximately 8,77 million roubles). He lost the only head of Ministry of transport Maxim Sokolov (about 6.2 million rubles), the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy (about 6.2 million rubles) and the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov (5.8 million rubles). Data on the income of Prime Minister’s wife Svetlana Medvedeva no.

A year ago, the highest income (for 2015) among the members of the Cabinet, the Minister reported on work with the Open government Mikhail Abyzov — for more 455,5 million rubles a year earlier, the rating income of members of the government headed by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. Abyzov is the only member of the Russian government, which Forbes over the past years included in the lists of the richest people in Russia.

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov last year earned about 97.2 million rubles, his wife — 92,5 million rubles In 2014, Shuvalov’s income was modest — in total, they earned about 50 million rubles, Shuvalov, with his wife rented a house in Austria with an area of 1479,84 sq m and the apartment has an area of 483 sq m in the UK.

The richest among wives of government officials, according to the declarations for 2015, was the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Arcady Dvorkovich declared income of more than $ 141 million rubles.