U.S. Secretary of state spoke about NATO’s role in repelling the aggression of Russia

Rex Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that NATO is the main element necessary to deter Russian aggression. It is reported Bloomberg.

“Let me at the outset to be clear: the U.S. strongly support the existence of NATO, and the Alliance remains the Foundation of transatlantic security, U.S. Secretary of state said, speaking before foreign Ministers of the block. — The Alliance is of fundamental importance to counteract the agitation and aggression of Russia, which is sometimes carried out with the use of violence”.

According to the Agency, thereby Tillerson has tried to reassure members of the Alliance, suspicion of Washington’s intention to improve relations with Moscow at their expense. He succeeded, and the meeting was held in a positive atmosphere, emphasizes Bloomberg.

The Secretary again reminded the member countries of NATO about the need to uphold the Charter and to pay for defense at two percent of GDP. At the moment, the United States actually pays 70 percent of the total budget of the Alliance, and only five NATO countries spend on defense is two percent or more.