Trump called the upcoming meeting with the head of China’s “very difficult”

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump believes that the meeting with President of China XI Jinping, which will take place in early April, will be “very difficult”. He wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter.

“We can no longer have a huge trade deficit and to bear the loss of jobs. American companies must be ready to consider alternative options,” he wrote.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
March 30, 2017, 22:16

Talks Donald trump with XI Jinping, according to Reuters, will be held at the resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida on April 6-7.

March 19, XI Jinping attended in Beijing, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson. Following the meeting, the Chinese President said: “You say that relations between the US and China can only be friendly. I support this position”.

Relations between the US and China escalated after the December 2016 trump talked on the phone with the leader of Taiwan Cai Invent that caused outrage Beijing. Then the Republican said no to Beijing to decide with whom to communicate.

Subsequently, trump expressed the view that Washington and Beijing have a chance to build relationships. He also sent XI Jinping a letter in which he expressed hope for cooperation with their Chinese counterparts to “develop constructive relationships” for the benefit of both countries.