Tourists sent to the “cruise to nowhere” because of the storm

Tourists sent to the “cruise to nowhere” because of the storm

In Australia the captain of the ship Pacific Dawn announced to passengers that they will go to sea “cruise to nowhere” due to tropical cyclone “Debbie.” About it reports The Telegraph.


Publication of Elycia Martins (@escapewithelycia) Mar 25 2017 at 6:13 PDT

The ship, on Board of which there were nearly two thousand tourists had to sail from Brisbane in the North-Eastern state of Queensland to the town of Airlie beach, located in the same region.

However, a few hours before departure, plans had to be changed in connection with the storm. As stated by captain Alan Dockeray (Alan Dockeray), the team considered alternative route options and came to the conclusion that they are unsafe from-for revelry of elements.

In the end, the ship went to the “cruise to nowhere” looping in the sea and returned to Brisbane. The shipping company Carnival Cruise Lines, which owns the Pacific Dawn, said that the team therefore gave passengers the chance to enjoy swimming despite the storm. They also stressed that customer safety is their top priority.

Cyclone “Debbie” struck northeast of Australia on March 28. He was assigned to the fourth category of danger, the speed of wind gusts reached up to 263 kilometers per hour. In Queensland, the disaster destroyed many buildings, it was noted flooding.