The Swede put up for sale your browser history

The Swede put up for sale your browser history

A resident of Sweden put on eBay your browser history as a sign of protest against the decision of the U.S. Congress to lift the ban on sale Internet service providers user personal data. It is reported by The Next Web.

In the description of the Swede Peter Rodwell (Petter Rudwall) explains that he does not want to wait until the providers start trading information without his knowledge. He decided to capitalize on the data independently. Rodwell also posted a screenshot of a fragment of a browser to prove that the item is genuine.

Before the auction the user has set a price of one dollar, but at the moment the potential buyers raised the rate to 16.5 per dollar. In the auction, which will end on April 6, while was attended by ten people.

On Tuesday, March 28, the U.S. house of representatives voted for the repeal of the ban on the sale of the Internet service providers of users ‘ personal data without their consent. Previously for the lifting of the ban was voted on by the Senate. Now the document must be signed by the President of the United States Donald trump.