The Russians will distribute decommissioned library books

The Russians will distribute decommissioned library books

The main purpose of large-scale action — to extend the life of books.

From 23 April to 1 June for the whole of Russia launched an unprecedented campaign — distribution of books charged from the library’s collections. The corresponding order of the Ministry of culture received all libraries in the country.

Now worn tomes, thin brochures and even yellowed periodicals will not burn at the dump or go in the trash, as it was before. They will find new homes.

— Civilized attitude to the book, even written off, won the bureaucratic fears of “what if something happens.” Thousands of donated chance at a new life and interpretation, — said the initiator of the event, the head of the Moscow culture Department Alexander Kibovsky.

— The main goal of starting in April of the action — to extend the books life, — said the press service of the Ministry of culture. — Each library strives to eliminate the process of recycling, because the book is a value transmitted from generation to generation. Moreover, the study of public opinion showed that the delivery of library documents written off in breakage, and even more so their destruction, is estimated by people very negatively.

The project “Scrapped books” was conceived a year ago — a pilot action took place in the capital in the framework of the “Biblionight”. In total, the new owners gained 3.5 thousand editions.

However, the major domestic libraries, with the status of national stocks have not yet participated.

— The status obliges to provide permanent storage of the library Fund for knowledge transfer to future generations, — commented on the innovation adviser of the Directorate of the RSL Nina Khakhaleva. — It should be noted that as required we have allocated the 1 or 2 copies of, and during periods of strong demand purchased additional publication. Naturally, over time they lose their relevance come to a shabby condition, and their RSL withdraws after the rejection of other libraries — about 50 thousand publications a year, mostly 1960-1970-ies.

The interviewee stressed that, if the books are of interest to the readers, the Library prepared for their donation. After all, to give their readers more humane than sending to the trash.

The difficulty is that the decommissioned property of the national archives retains its legal status — and even going to the scrap, they still remain state property.

— Is it enough for exclusion only solution to the library without confirmation of transmission — as proposed in the new order of the Ministry of culture? Would not this be interpreted as a unilateral refusal of the property and how arbitrary the order? We need time to more thoroughly examine the issue and take appropriate organizational and technological solutions — said Nina Khakhaleva.

Of course, the project “Decommissioned books,” as the entire library reform that meets not only support, but also puzzling.

— I heard about this idea, I completely incomprehensible, says literary critic, writer, winner of the “Big book” Eugene Vodolazkin. — Admit that there are some difficulties with space. What book simply has nowhere to go. But there is this action something is wrong. This is not just a rewritten paper — library books keep the memory of the touch of hundreds of thousands of people, it is rather the essence of the metaphysical than the physical. Although if the question is to burn or give away, of course, better the second.

According to the February order of the Ministry of culture, to give readers can be defective, outdated content or old books.

Not necessarily that they are bad. It may be Russian classical and foreign literature, published in 1950-1960-ies, known to scientific works, for example Vygotsky and Velichkovsky, scholarly periodicals and research work — not being in demand within five years, such literature is to be discarded.