The Parliament of Venezuela has accused President Maduro coup

The Parliament of Venezuela has accused President Maduro coup

In Parliament said that the recent Supreme court decisions that weaken the power of the opposition-controlled National Assembly are the establishment of the dictatorship.

MEXICO city, March 30. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. The Venezuelan national Assembly disagrees with the recent decisions of the Supreme court (SC) and considers them unconstitutional. This was stated by the Chairman of the Parliament of the South American country, Julio Borges.

Earlier, the armed forces gave President Nicolas Maduro a chance to actually act to bypass Parliament and announced that he was taking on the powers of the Supreme legislative body until then, will continue until “the situation of disrespect” in relation to the judiciary.

“Nicolas Maduro staged a coup d’etat in Venezuela, said Borges. The difference between these two solutions from the previous in that they provide Nicolas Maduro all the opportunities to do whatever he wants.” According to Borges, this contradicts the basic law of the state means the establishment of a “dictatorship” in Venezuela and “the whole world” at this point, should help the South American country. “Any decision that violates the Constitution is void”, — said the politician.

“The situation of disrespect” is that Parliament has not fulfilled the requirement of the armed forces the invalidation of the election of deputies from the state of Amazonas in December 2015. Then, the court had made a decision because of irregularities in the voting process.