The foreign Ministry criticized the position of NATO and Tillerson in relation to Russia

NATO once again puts their ideological dogma above real work on solution of global problems, and only a radical change in the very nature of this Alliance, hopelessly bogged down in its own past, can give a chance for change for the better in the sphere of European security. This statement was made by the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the results of the meeting of the NATO Council at the level of Ministers of foreign Affairs.

As noted in the Department, the unifying motif for NATO troops has become the myth of “Russian threat”, the slander about “Russian aggression” and endless incantations about the need for her to “collectively confront.” Also the foreign Ministry perplexed position Secretary Rex Tillerson, who said that NATO is the main element necessary to deter Russian aggression.

The foreign Ministry stressed that the Alliance insists on continuing to act according to old patterns, when the US and its allies are “fixated on building up its military presence” on the Russian borders under the pretext of the need for “containment of Russia”.

“In fact, we impose a confrontational paradigm based on the logic of military confrontation,” the Ministry said, pointing to the absence of signs of readiness of the Alliance to return to the practical cooperation in areas of common interest, in particular, to combat regional terrorist threats.