The ECHR ordered Russia to pay €50 thousand for the death of demonstrators in Dagestan

The ECHR ordered Russia to pay €50 thousand for the death of demonstrators in Dagestan

The European court of human rights ruled that the Russian authorities will have to pay €50 thousand for moral damage to the inhabitant of Dagestan Yarmet Namatovu. His son died as a result of police actions during dispersal of the rally in 2006.

The European court of human rights (ECHR) ordered Russia to pay compensation for moral damages of 50 thousand Euro for the death of Murad Nagmetov during a rally in Dagestan in 2006. The corresponding decision posted on the court’s website.

Father Murad, Yarmet of Nagmetov, believes that his son died due to the use of means of restraint by police during the dispersal of anti-corruption rally, and the investigation into his death was conducted by the Russian authorities properly.

The protest against corruption, during which he killed Murad Nagmetov was held in one of the villages Dokuzparinsky district of Dagestan in April 2006. The participants demanded the resignation of the head of the district.

To disperse the rally, the riot police had used firearms and other lethal weapons such as smoke bombs and stun grenades. According to the “Caucasian knot”, as a result of the dispersal of the rally killed three demonstrators: Nagmetov died on the spot, two more — Elman akhmedkhanov and Zeynal of Galimov — died in hospital, another 74 people were arrested. Human rights activists also reported the torture and abuse of detainees.

Upon the death of Murad Nagmetov in 2006 a criminal case was initiated, but a year later it was suspended. After that, the investigation is still twice renewed, and finally terminated in 2011.

According to the court, compensation Yarmet Namatovu must be paid within three months. The court decision says that the payment cannot be considered fair compensation for the loss of the applicant’s son, however, stated that the decision of the panel of judges made “for lack of a better option.”