Tagil taxi driver by mistake kidnapped the child

In Nizhny Tagil the taxi driver accidentally left with the child client. This was reported on the website of the investigative Committee in the Sverdlovsk region.

The evening of 25 March, the woman called a taxi to leave guests with two young children. Arrived the driver refused to execute the order because he did not have special seats. Already stranded in a car with children the woman on the phone called the relatives began to persuade the taxi driver to take the family.

“In the course of the conflict the client with one of the children came out of the cabin. Seeing this, the taxi driver decided that the car was no one else, to prevent further development of the conflict, went from aggressive citizens. Further he found that in the backseat there was one young child”, — stated in the message of management.

The taxi driver took the child to the police. The staff gave the boy’s mother.

In fact the incident started investigation verification.

In February 2016 in Moscow drunk parents forgot babies-twins in the cab. Barely sitting in the car, the couple quarreled and left in an unknown direction, leaving the babies in the back seat. The district sought the parents of neglected children.