Siluanov commented on the decision of the London court of the debt of Ukraine


RIA Novosti

Russia intends to take any further action to recover the amount of money which Ukraine owes for undertaken obligations. Such statement as transfers RIA Novosti, made in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, commenting on the decision of the High court of London in the case of Ukraine’s debt to Russia on Eurobonds for $ 3 billion.

According to the Minister, the amount of obligations of Ukraine is more than three billion dollars. The interest that has accrued since unpaid, will also be taken into account in the final amount to be claimed from the Ukrainian side.

Siluanov expressed confidence that the appeal of Ukraine on the debt of $ 3 billion to be considered as objective, as the Russian claim in a London court.

“As far as we know, the Ukrainian side intends to appeal to the court of Appeal in London. It will take some time. We are confident that this appeal will be considered objectively, as the decision of the High court of London,” he said.

Earlier on March 29, the Russian Ministry of Finance said that he regarded the decision as final and binding upon Ukraine to pay the debt on Eurobonds for three billion dollars. On the same day the High court announced that the case of Ukraine’s debt to Russia on Eurobonds will be reviewed in an expedited manner. Kiev was granted an appeal.

Kiev has outstanding sovereign debt to Russia, which the IMF recognizes the state. Moscow gave Ukraine a loan of three billion dollars in December 2013, when President Viktor Yanukovych. The money was allocated through the purchase of Eurobonds.

Kiev and later Moscow offered to restructure the debt, presenting him as a private. Russia has refused, referring to London’s High court. In early may 2016 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a law to impose an indefinite moratorium on payment of debt to Russia. Thus, the Ukrainian authorities refused to recognize the default at the end of 2015.