Rogozin: it is necessary to prescribe in law the creation of the “administrations” for all rivers


RIA Novosti

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has proposed to prescribe in the bill on development of the Arctic zone, the establishment of the “administrations” for all rivers.

“I advocate that every Russian rivers needs to be your own boss; it is impossible to provide dredging, environmental protection on the river, the purity of water, its richness and many other characteristics of the river, if she hosts a lot,” said Rogozin at the International youth Arctic educational forum “the Arctic. Made in Russia”.

“So the first thing you need to do for the Northern sea route and large waterways to create certain administrations. That is, there must be a specific management structure that will be head responsible for full use of this great wealth,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, it is necessary to register in the bill on the development of the Arctic territories.

Rogozin promised to draw the attention of the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin on this defect. “I have not seen this program, because it is not made in the government, she is still walking in expert circles, read it, reveal there are “fleas” etc”, – he added. Deputy Prime Minister think it right that you can’t talk about the Arctic outside of the prospects of use of water resources, without the prospect of using the rivers as highways transport, including the transport of cargo to the Northern sea route.

“Without understanding what water resources no program can not be”, – concluded Rogozin.