Passenger fell under a train at the station.

The passenger came under the train arriving at the station “Botanical garden” of the Moscow Central ring (CIP). On Friday, March 31, reports TASS with reference to the highway account in the Telegram.

According to the report, the incident occurred at 19:44 GMT. “Pedestrian violating the rules of safe conduct, crossed the road in front of the approaching train, with the result that were injured”, — stated in the text.

Information about the victim’s condition is not given. Meanwhile, RIA Novosti citing a source in the emergency services reported about his death.

It is noted that the movement of all trains in a clockwise direction has been suspended for 10 minutes. In the opposite direction “Swallows” follow in the normal mode.

On 27 March it was reported about the suspension of movement of trains of the monorail transport system in the North-East of Moscow, which occurred due to falling on the rails ate. The incident occurred between stations “television station” and “Street Milashenkova”. People evacuated from the car, had to walk to the nearest stop.