Kadyrov promised to prevent another attack of militants in Chechnya

Kadirbeyzade Ramzan Kadyrov was going to discuss with Medvedev the contents of Chechnya

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in response to the attack on the part of Regardie urged security forces to show heightened vigilance to avoid such incidents. He declared it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, published on Thursday, March 30, on the website Вести.Ru.

Kadyrov has acknowledged that the incident — defect management and law enforcement agencies of Chechnya. “Such cases in our country will no longer be”, — he promised.

According to the head of the Republic, the village of Naur, where the attack occurred, has always been a peaceful place, and nobody expected that the such can happen.

The militant attack on the military unit of Regardie happened on the night of 24 March. Killed six soldiers of the Federal service and another three were injured. All the gang members was destroyed, they found firearms and ammunition, and the bodies of the two were dummy suicide belts. Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.

In mass media there was information that fighters of Regardie at the time of the attack of the militants were sleeping, so was not able to effectively and without loss to repel the attack. In the Federal service, these data are rejected.