In Venice, the police made a RAID against the jihadists

Venetian police have arrested three alleged jihadists and the child who was with them. About it reports BBC News.

Police watched the group of Kosovars few months — they had fears that they would try to join the fighting in Syria to the jihadists. After the terrorist attack in London the authorities decided to act to avoid similar attacks in Italy: they intercepted the alleged perpetrators, where they discussed the incident in the UK. Special forces carried out raids on 12 locations, including in the historic centre of the city.

On 22 March it was reported that the attack committed near the building of the British Parliament in the capital, killed five, including a policeman and a terrorist. About 20 people were injured. Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, however, the authorities have evidence of this not found.

On Wednesday evening, March 22, in Central London were a series of attacks. On Westminster bridge a car ran over five people, then proceeded to the Parliament building. There car was stopped by police. Who was in the cabin the man stabbed him and was shot by another police officer.