In the U.S. Senate presented a first oral report on the investigation in Russia



A special Senate intelligence Committee in the U.S. Congress continues to investigate reason attributed to Russia’s interference in the electoral political processes in the United States. The Chairman of the Committee Republican Senator Richard Barre has confirmed this to reporters, which was the first oral report on the investigation in Russia. On the question of whether there are already some results, he said that “to draw conclusions now would be madness”.

“News investigation charged seven professional staff of the Committee, already-vetted” to work with secret information, he said. “They received thousands of pages of documentation and reviewed a considerable part of them,” said the Senator. According to him, prior to the completion of the examination of documents “stay a week”. Another thing is that, as warned, Barre, and requested additional documentation.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, to testify already invited 20 people. For five of them scheduled date of interviews. The names and positions of these people was not specified.

In addition, continued Barre, several people offered to testify voluntarily. Among them publicly called single – Advisor to the US President and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner. Date of the interview with Kouchner will be announced later. In respect of the remaining first and foremost to be considered is whether it makes sense to take their testimony.

Barre said that the investigation “will follow the facts wherever they may lead”. “But the facts must be separated from fiction,” said he. “The mere fact that what you write does not mean that it is a fact,” added he, addressing the journalists.

Thursday in a Senate Committee opened hearings on the ongoing investigation. The opposition Democratic party of the United States and close to it the media are trying hard to inflate the scandal attributed to Russia’s interference in election processes in the United States on the side of Donald trump. And the trump, and Russia strongly reject it. Trump emphasizes that it is necessary to investigate primarily illegal information leaks from the power structures of the United States.