In the Indian state imposed a life sentence for killing a cow

In the Indian state of Gujarat has tightened the punishment for the murder of cattle to life imprisonment. It is reported by The Hindustan News.

In addition, it is also prohibited the transportation of livestock to the slaughter: in this case, the vehicle is confiscated and the violator will be fined in the amount of 100 thousand rupees (1.5 dollars). The adoption of the law is dedicated to Vasanta Navaratri — the Hindu festival of spring, during which the faithful worshiped feminine forms of God.

“The government on the advice of several Holy men-sadhus introduced amendments to the law on the protection of animals from 2011. Thus, our legislation was the most stringent in the country”, — declared the Minister of internal Affairs of the state of Predipping of Jadeja.

According to the newspaper, some attribute the adoption of the law with the desire of the ruling “Bharatiya Janata party” to garner votes of the Hindus. Elections to the state legislature will be held in November-December of 2017.

The killing of cattle totally or partially banned in 20 of the 36 States and Union territories of India. To this bill for the crime was punishable by penalty 7 years imprisonment and a fine of 50 thousand rupees (about $ 700) for transporting the animal to the place of slaughter.