Exercises with the “Russian” extras considered proof of hostility to NATO

Alexei Pushkov

The plans of NATO to hold military exercises with participation of Russian-speaking extras in Germany indicate the presence of serious hostile intent against Russia. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Alexei Pushkov on Friday, March 31.

“Such information clearly indicates hostile intent in the preparation of hostilities against Russia, despite their public statements to the contrary,” said the MP. In his opinion, the Alliance intends to prepare soldiers “for action in those areas where Russian is the main language, and these areas not much is Eastern Ukraine and Russia itself.”

He believes that Moscow should make a submission by the foreign and defense Ministers, as well as the Council Russia — NATO.

Earlier Friday, the official representative of the Joint multinational training center for military personnel in Germany, the captain of the U.S. army, Chris Bradley stated that the doctrine on the ground Hohenfels in Bavaria are not preparing for any action.

Scientists needed for “training of troops the most realistic way,” explained their aim, the representative of the American army in Germany Uli Gellermann.

A day earlier it became known that cooperating with NATO and the Armed forces of the United States employment Agency recruits actors for the role of Russian for exercises scheduled to begin on April 28. It was noted that they will play farmers or shop owners. One day they can obtain from 88,4 to 120 euros.