Convicted in the case of the seizure of the “Nord-OST” appealed the verdict

Convicted in the case of the seizure of the “Nord-OST” appealed the verdict

Sentenced to 19 years in a strict regime of Hassan Zakayev appealed against the verdict of the Moscow district military court, which declared him an accomplice of a terrorist attack to seize hostages in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002, As reported by TASS, the lawyer Zakayev Suleiman Ibragimov, appealed the verdict in the part in which the convict pleads not guilty.

Also the sentence was appealed by the victims in terms of compensation and the involvement of all persons who, in their opinion, responsible for the deaths of people.

On 21 March the court after the investigation admitted Zakayev guilty of participation in criminal community, preparation for the terrorist attack, aiding in the capture of hostages, attempt at murder of two and more persons, illegal storage of the weapon and deliberate destruction of another’s property. According to investigators, he was part of an organized criminal group of Shamil Basayev and helped terrorists to bring in weapons and improvised explosive devices, which were then used at Dubrovka.

The court Zakayev said that was not a member of the gang Shamil Basayev, knew nothing about the impending attack, and believed that carrying a weapon and ammunition and not an explosive device.

At the trial of Zakayev, the Prosecutor for the first time acknowledged that there is a causal link between the conduct of the special operation in the shopping center on Dubrovka and death.