Cannes film festival criticised for photoshop feet Claudia Cardinale

Cannes film festival criticised for photoshop feet Claudia Cardinale

Cannes film festival 2017 appeared in the center of the scandal, a month before. The organizers of the festival came under a barrage of criticism, after it became clear that the official poster photo actress Claudia Cardinale sample 1959 was changed: the feet of movie stars were thinner.

Users compare two photos into one animated GIF file that was spread on social networks.

On se rend mieux compte en gif de toutes les retouches faites sur la photo de Claudia Cardinale. #Cannes2017

— David Honnorat (@IMtheRookie) 29 Mar 2017

“Although the poster is gorgeous, it is discouraging to note that […] that the photo has undergone considerable retouching in comparison with the original: it is, for example, reduced the waist and bending the hips of the actress. What a pity,” the upset in the French magazine Telerama.

On pictures 1959 barefoot girl in a long skirt captured in the cheerful jump on the Roman roof in the warm afternoon.

Why the need to alter Cardinale’Claudia’s body so dramatically for #Cannes2017 official poster?

— Anna Rose Holmer (@BARFH) 29 Mar 2017
What is the need to reshape the body Cardinale such a dramatic way for the official poster of #Канн2017″?

Anna rose kholmer, British Director

Ils ont osé toucher à #Claudia Cardinale… Où s’en va ce monde de fou…

Moine Laïc (@monk_withskull) 29 Mar 2017
They dared to touch Claudia Cardinale… what happened to this crazy world…

“Claudia Cardinale, an icon of beauty, slender and gorgeous in the original picture. Attempt to cut out of it pounds is a scandal”, — was indignant in conversation with Agence France-Presse Secretary of the public organization “Let yourself feminism!” Claire Serre-Combe.

“No place for realism”

Cardinal itself, however, is not considered retouching reprehensible.

“This image was retouched to show the ease, which makes me like the play of the imagination. There is no place for realism, and being a staunch feminist, I see no encroachment on the female body. In the world there are much more worthy of discussing things. Let’s not forget that it’s only a movie,” said actress Agence France-Presse.

The Director of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremaux also spoke in defense of the poster, saying that it initially took great.

What is this stupid controversy around Cannes posters? Any promotional photos or otherwise subjected to retouching Jan-Paul Salamatian UniFrance Films

Record retweeted Fremaux.

70-th Cannes film festival will be held from 17 to 28 may, and the films participating in the competition will be announced April 13.

The Chairman of the jury will be the frequenter of the contest, the Spanish Director Pablo Almodovar.

For more than fifty years career, the 78-year-old Cardinale starred in more than 80 films, including “the Leopard” by Luchino Visconti and “Eight and a half” by Federico Fellini.

Born in Tunisia to Italian since childhood, he spoke French and Italian and learned in adulthood. Most of my life the actress spent in France, while retaining Italian citizenship.