A criminal case against a judge of the arbitration court of Chechnya

A criminal case against a judge of the arbitration court of Chechnya

According to investigators, because of his unjust decisions, the budget lost 5 billion.

Moscow. March 31. INTERFAX.RU — Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on making unjust decisions against the judge of the Arbitration court of Chechnya Alu Bacheva. This was reported “Interfax” the official representative of the TFR.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against a judge of the Arbitration court of the Chechen Republic Alu Bacheva on the grounds of crimes under part 2 of article 305 of the criminal code (making a knowingly unjust decision)Svetlana Petromaterials the representative of the RCDS

According to her, in may 2010 and in August 2012 Bachev issued a knowingly unjust decision on the claims of a nonprofit organization, the Association of “Symbiosis” and the recovery of the Russian Treasury more than 5 billion rubles.

Data on Buzaevym committing these crimes received in the course of the investigation the Main investigation Department of the RF IC in the North Caucasus Federal district a criminal case against several persons They accused of embezzlement of funds from the Federal budget in especially large size, said Petrenko.

The investigation established that Bachaev intentionally did not establish the succession of the Association “Symbiosis”, established in 2002, on the rights and obligations of the Association of cooperatives of “Symbiosis”, which operated in the 90-ies, she said. Bachev recognized the succession of the organization of the property transferred to the Federal property and compensation for not delivered in 1991 Novogroznensky oil refinery Anisimov petroleum products.

The amount of damage

A knowingly unjust decision of the judge Bacheva entailed heavy consequences in the form of violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the principles of justice and undermine the authority of the judiciary, as well as the theft of budget funds in especially large size in the sum more than 360 million rubles and attempted theft of funds in the amount of more than 4.6 billion Noblesville Petromaterials the representative of the RCDS

She added that the criminal case against Bacheva was initiated with the consent of the Supreme qualification Collegium of judges of the Russian Federation and currently is in production of the main investigation Department of the TFR in the North Caucasian Federal district.