Ukrainians have upgraded BTR-60

Ukrainians have upgraded BTR-60

The upgraded machine is called “Otaman 8×8”.

Ukrainian company “Practice” has developed the project of a radical modernization of Soviet armored personnel carriers BTR-60, reports Jane’s. On the draft alteration were already two cars; currently the company conducts its tests. In the summer of upgraded armoured personnel carriers will be transferred for testing to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

BTR-60 was produced in the USSR from 1960 to 1987. During this time was collected about 20 thousand cars of this type, some of which are in service still. Modernization of these machines can extend their lifespan and significantly improve some characteristics. The cost of works must be less than the cost of a new, more modern armored personnel carriers.

As noted bmpd development “Otaman 8×8” is in the middle of last year. On the basis of modernized machines “Practice” also suggests to create a family of armored vehicles, including combat vehicles with weapon stations and turrets with guns of 90 and 105 millimeters. The cost of modernization of armored personnel carriers is not specified.

Practika details Otaman upgrade:

— Jane’s (@IHS4DefRiskSec) 28 Mar 2017

In the last few years, Ukraine has been developing projects of modernization of old Soviet armored vehicles. In particular, in the early 2000-ies of the Kharkiv design Bureau of machine building imeni Morozova has developed a tank BM “Oplot”, based on the T-84U (upgrade of the Soviet T-80).

Vasily Sychev