The statements of the Ambassador of Spain to Russia is explained by the error of the translator

Gerardo Bugallo Ottone

The statements of the Ambassador of Spain in Ukraine against Russia and President Vladimir Putin were misinterpreted and taken out of context. This was written by the newspaper El País, citing sources in the Spanish foreign Ministry.

In depodesta explained to RIA Novosti that the Kingdom adheres to the official position on the necessity of fulfilling the Minsk agreements for resolving the Ukrainian conflict.

On March 29, the Russian foreign Ministry of the word Gerardo Bugyi Ottone called unacceptable. “We believe that making peremptory and biased statements, the representative of Spain in Kiev, not only went far beyond his official status, but opposed himself to the official position of the leadership of their own country”, — stated in the document published on the Ministry’s website.

March 22 at the meeting of the press club “Diplomats without ties” organized by the Ukrainian Agency “UKRINFORM”, Gerardo Bugallo Ottone called idiots of their compatriots who went to fight in the Donbass on the side of the unrecognized republics. “They really are” — gave the Agency the words of the diplomat. The Spanish diplomat also said that the Russian President is leading the country towards the Soviet Union.