The largest party, the EU has accused Russia in the war against liberal values

The largest political force of the EU — the European people’s party (EPP) adopted a resolution on the results of the two-day Congress, held in Malta. In the document published on the website of the EPP, refers to the “undeclared war”, which Russia allegedly is against the liberal values of the West.

“Russian propaganda, disinformation campaigns and continued support for anti-European political forces to undermine the European project, the transatlantic cooperation and of Western democracy in General — in terms of liberal values, political independence and sovereignty”, — stated in the resolution.

The authors also argue that the cyber threat emanating from Moscow, “is much higher than Chinese”. The text notes that actions such as “distortion of facts, promoting distrust in the democratic process and even meddling in the election” is completely unacceptable.

“The EU needs to develop an effective and detailed strategy for immediate and decisive counter the Russian information war (…). The sooner the EU be reconciled with the reality that the Kremlin is involved in an undeclared war against the liberal values underpinning peace and prosperity of Europe, the sooner he will be able to find the right policy responses,” reads the document.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the electoral political processes. January 6 was published declassified version of the report, which was engaged in the CIA, FBI and national security Agency. It argues that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize a campaign to discredit the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, to win her rival Donald trump.

On March 26 a member of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate mark Warner (Mark Warner) said that Russia is going to act the same way during the elections in Germany and France, reported NBC.

In Moscow all accusations of meddling in election processes in other countries reject. In particular, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with The National Interest, stated that “there is no evidence that Russia was somehow involved in what is happening in the United States, Germany, France or the United Kingdom.”