Student in the Yeltsin center was forced to wash my mouth out with soap

The teacher of children’s education “LEGO camp”, located in “the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin” (the Yeltsin center), made 11-year-old schoolboy to wash my mouth out with soap once he swore obscenely. On this portal was told by the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Olga noticed how the boy was bullied in the bathroom.

According to her, mouth cry baby was a foam and standing next to a woman saying that swear words, as from a lump of manure, need to wash.

The student was forced to carry out this procedure several times, and then took him to other children. The boy complained of thirst and asked to be released.

The incident Olga told the administrators of “LEGO camp”. They told her that the teachers recruited on contract and are not responsible for their actions. In addition, the girl asked him, do swear, that’s good.

The representative of the Yeltsin centre Elena Volkova said the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the organization’s leadership knows about the incident. “We asked, of course, continue these methods do not use, be under an ethical interaction with the child,” she said. The boy’s mother, according to Volkova, hoping that such measures will still affect her son, because he really does swear a lot.

In December last year, around the centre, dedicated to the first President of Russia, a discussion that began after criticism from Director Nikita Mikhalkov. Then the filmmaker said that the Yeltsin center daily destroys national identity of hundreds of children because it gives a biased estimate of the country’s history. The debate was also attended by the widow of the first Russian President Naina Yeltsin and the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

In addition to children’s camps Yeltsin center houses the Museum, library, archive, and exhibition halls. The establishment opened in November 2015.