Scientists have tried to explain the distribution of wealth the laws of physics

Scientists have tried to explain the distribution of wealth the laws of physics

Researchers from the United States and Brazil proposed to explain economic inequality to take advantage of the physical law that describes the evolution of various systems, including the development of technology.

The work of scientists published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

One of the authors of the article, Professor Duke University Adrian Bajan, in 1996 formulated the law describing the development of biological and non-biological systems. According to the researcher, many of the systems which are based on traffic flows (whether water in rivers, the air in the lungs or people on the roads) are developed in a similar way.

In their work, scientists tried to answer the question, why reduce income inequality so difficult. “From the point of view of physics, it’s just. You may have noticed that the annual wealth, gross domestic product, is proportional to energy used (“work and movement”), produced by the group or in a certain area, it is possible to consider wealth as a movement. And the movement of the mean inequality, since it is hierarchical,” commented, Bagan.

According to researchers, inequality is not the best term to describe the distribution of benefits, and it is better to use the physical term “heterogeneity”.

It is inherent in all hierarchical systems and is therefore natural. Moreover, as the complexity of the system, inequality increases. Constantly comparing different processes with physical phenomena, Badian notes that “the organization of society is more complex, but all this is physics”.

“In search of the answer to the question, why is it so hard to get rid of inequality, I came to the following question: how can we make the wealth distribution more uniform. It is a complicated device, which includes the evolution of the legal system. In other words, in the case involving the government and other organizations, which is what happened historically,” said Bagan.