Mizulina expressed fears because of the stories about corruption in Russian schools


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of Committee of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina called the “dangerous trend” that the number of Russian schools, according to her, the lessons of patriotism were replaced with lessons on the fight against corruption.

“Lessons of patriotism from first to tenth classes were replaced with lessons on the fight against corruption. In these lessons show the international rankings, where Russia is not in the first places”, — Mizulina said at the session of the Federation Council. According to her, this happened in several schools of St. Petersburg.

As Mizulina believes that these lessons have nothing to do with patriotism and are a “dangerous trend.”

A colleague disagreed, the Senator Lyudmila Narusova, who said that, in her opinion, to support the fight against corruption can and patriots. “If the students, along with teachers want to be proud of his uncorrupted country, it is patriotism. Home you can love not only as a glossy picture,” she said.

On the proposal of the speaker of the house Valentina Matvienko, the senators have charged to profile Committee of the Federation Council on education to verify this information.