Lavrov told about the loss of the West the role of global hegemon

Sergei Lavrov

Between Russia and the West, no cold war, but the world order is shifting towards greater democratization and polycentricity. This was the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, March 29, said in an interview with The National Interest.

“I do not believe that between us the cold war. Ideologically, between us there is no difference. Yes, there are nuances to how controlled the Western countries and as operated by Russia. The basis of all the basis of democracy, the organization of the political system with respect for the opposition and the market economy”, — said the Minister.

He also noted that the current world order away from the idea of Western dominance, and this is due to the emergence of global threats that the world can only give together. The Minister said that we are talking about terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking and climate change. In addition, Lavrov said that an increasing role on the world stage began to play China, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

“Call it, “multipolarity”, “polycentric”, call it “more democratic”, but it happens. And economic, financial power and political influence today is distributed much more evenly”, — concluded the foreign Minister.