In the jungle of Thailand found almost extinct tigers

In the jungle of Thailand found almost extinct tigers

Scientists have evidence that the endangered Indo-Chinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) is still propagated in the Thai jungle. This gives hope for the survival of the species, the total number of individuals which barely exceeds 200.

The Thai authorities released the first photos of the cubs, and then there was also a video of adult tigers, which are noticed in the Eastern part of Thailand. They also met in the reserve, Huay Kha Khang to the West of the country.

Estimates of environmental protection organizations, at the moment there is only 221 species of Indochinese tigers that live in Thailand and Myanmar. There is a fear that a large number of members of the species have disappeared in the South of China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and almost the entire territory of Myanmar.

Indochinese tigers are less familiar to the General public. They are also smaller in size compared to the Bengal and Siberian. Males reach a length of 2.55—2.85 m, has a body mass of from 150 to 195 kg. Females grow up to 2.30—2.55 m in length and has a body weight of from 100 to 130 kg. the head of the Indochinese tiger is smaller than the Bengal, dark color, with shorter and narrower stripes.

Thai authorities said that before the Department of agriculture and nature reserves is the task of preservation and restoration of the species Panthera tigris corbetti, reports The Telegraph.

Previously, the government of Australia reported that notice of the Tasmanian wolf extinct. Pictures of animal is not shown to the public because of the uniqueness of the events and fears for the fate of rare species.