In Norway was found 1,000-year-old toy boat of Vikings

In Norway was found 1,000-year-old toy boat of Vikings

Wooden toy, discovered during excavations at the archaeological site of the iron age in Central Norway, says that 1000 years ago a local child could imagine the ferocious battles of the Vikings, playing with a carved copy of the ship.

The wooden bar was found in the dried well on a small farm in the town of Orland. Wooden boat resembles the form of a longship of the Vikings, and at its center to holes — probably for the mast, writes Live Science.

Archaeologists recently found a 1,000-year-old toy Viking ship during an excavation of a site in central Norway

— Live Science (@LiveScience) 29 Mar 2017

Archaeologists say that the discovery says a lot about the people of that era. For example, the fact that even peasants in the country knew how to look the boat of the conquerors, and massacred their exact copies of wood for their children. And the children, apparently, still had time for games — that is, not all of their forces went to work on the farm.

Located far from the ocean, the farm, where they found the boat, was far from major trade routes or cities, and, most likely, was not the most prosperous in the region.

Also in the well were found fragments of a leather Shoe Dating from 1015-1028 all in All, the archeologists found seven farmsteads.